Celebrating International Women’s Day

April 24, 2023 2:51pm

At Staycity we strive to incorporate the ethos of International Women’s Day every day of the year. Our executive leadership, with the support of our HR department are committed to building an inclusive workplace environment where women thrive. We applaud this year’s theme of ‘breaking the bias’ and want to empower all employees to identify and challenge bias head on. 


I couldn’t be prouder of the women in Staycity who work tirelessly, balancing all their commitments, while delivering exceptional customer service and consistently strong results, across all roles and levels of the company. We are working hard to #breakthebias and ensure the women at Staycity are recognised and rewarded, and we continue to attract talented women whether by internal promotion or external recruitment, especially in leadership roles.’

Paula Mullaney, Commercial Director


2022 Objectives


Set up a Women’s Committee

We’re setting up our very first women’s committee this month, dedicated to supporting women at Staycity and equipping every employee with the knowledge and tools they need to create a more inclusive workplace culture. The Committee will meet monthly to discuss concerns, advocate for support and benefits and organise training and workshops on diversity topics. 


Develop a ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ policy

We are in the process of creating our ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ policy, which will form part of the fabric of the company in terms of recruitment, culture and career advancement opportunities.


Gender ratio at higher management level (45:55 split)

We are developing a plan to set us on a path to achieve minimum 45:55 gender diversity at higher management levels by 2025.


Establish gender pay reporting

We are benchmarking our performance in the industry with regards to salary and benefits to understand where we are ranked among the leaders in our field. We are developing a plan to become an industry leader. 


Quarterly reporting on diversity makeup of company and at different levels

This year we will monitor and report on our diversity makeup across the company every quarter to the management team, with the aim of becoming a more diverse workforce at all levels.


Interview training and diverse interview panels (50:50 mix)

We know the importance of recognising unconscious bias in recruitment. To challenge this, we will undertake interview training and commit to ensuring our interview panels are a 50:50 gender split.



Through our HR initiatives and with the help of this Committee we hope to become an industry leader on diversity and inclusion. 


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