Sustainability at Staycity Group

acting like

the future

depends on it

"We are absolutely committed to taking a leading role in our industry"

Tom Walsh, CEO Staycity Group



We're expanding rapidly, to 90 aparthotels in 10 countries by 2030. The uncomfortable reality is that our expansion will come with an environmental impact.

Staygreen is our whole new approach to how we address climate change, how we use water, how we avoid pollution, how we make habitat for endangered species, and how we move away from a disposable to a circular economy.

We will rapidly lower the carbon footprint of the buildings we build, along with significantly reducing their carbon footprint as they operate.

We will move to full renewable electric operation including maximising onsite electricity generation.  

Sustainable growth

Growing, in a green way

To achieve Net Zero emissions at each site is our ultimate goal. We now require our development partners to complete detailed energy modelling with active participation to identify every opportunity for energy saving. As a member of the Irish Green Building Council, we're baselining our greenhouse gas emissions, energy sources, energy consumption, refrigerants and supplier emissions. Through a process of systems review, optimisation, and engaging with our asset owners, we are looking to reduce consumption.

How will we get there?

Our priorities

The three pillars of our ESG strategy are Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Waste Management, and Health & Wellbeing. We considered the UN Sustainable Development Goals throughout the process of developing our strategy, with short, medium and longer term goals, out to 2030.

We take transparency and accountability seriously in measuring and addressing our environmental impact, as evidenced by our completed Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) 2022 submission.

Furthermore our commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) aligns our emissions reduction and net-zero targets with climate science, ensuring that we are actively contributing to a more sustainable future.

Sustainability pillars

Greenhouse Gas Emissions


80% of our properties source all electricity from renewable sources

*we’ve introduced them to construction partners too

By 2027

We will open the first Stay Green development in operation in Stratford, East London

*to be the first of many


Waste Management


100% of properties offer on-premises waste sorting

*so all recyclable materials may be recycled

By 2025

We'll replace 95% of single-use plastics in ongoing operations

*excluding Food & Beverage

Sustainability pillars

Health & Wellbeing


100% of team members have access to resources

*to support their mental wellbeing

By 2025

We will implement the Staywell team health and wellbeing programme

*across the entire Staycity Group

Travel Sustainably


"We pledge to do all of this, and to help our customers see what we are doing, by disclosing our progress so that others can verify our claims. This decade will be a decade of transformation."

Tom Walsh, CEO Staycity Group