the ultimate guide to birmingham’s jewellery quarter

Last updated Aug 13, 2023

Welcome to Birmingham’s hippest neighbourhood… The Jewellery Quarter is dripping in history, culture and some of the city’s very best restaurants and bars. Our stunning property, Staycity Aparthotels Jewellery Quarter, is right in the heart of the action, within a few minutes’ walk of everything this fantastic location has to offer, while still being a mere 5 minute walk to central Brum! Winning! To help you navigate the local gems, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. You’re basically a local now…


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top sights

  1. St. Paul’s Square: The heart of the Jewellery Quarter and home to St. Paul’s magnificent church. All roads end at Birmingham’s last Georgian square!

  2. Key Hill Cemetery: While a cemetery mightn’t sound like the most obvious place to visit, Key Hill is a beauty. Wander around the bluebells and take in the history. Tours of the catacombs can be booked from the website.

  3. St. Paul’s Gallery: Admire the largest collection of album cover art in the world! Or even buy a signed print or album cover while you’re there. This super cool gallery is a pop-culture lover’s dream.

  4. Chamberlain Clock: This iconic clock is begging for a Selfie! You can’t visit the JQ and not spot the massive green Chamberlain Clock.  

  5. JW Evan Silver Factory: Explore the area’s industrial past with a visit to a preserved silver factory. Learn about silver production and get a feel for life in Birmingham in the 18th century.


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top shops

  1. Oh My Clumsy Heart Studio: You can’t visit this neighbourhood without stopping into a jewellery shop or two! Oh My Clumsy Heart is a contemporary studio showcasing sustainable minimal jewellery.

  2. Hard to Find Whisky: Does what it says on the… bottle? This is your one-stop-shop for all things whiskey. Stocking some of the most rare and exclusive whiskeys in the world, it’s the ideal place to pick up a gift.  

  3. The Borrow Shop: For all your eco-friendly gift needs. This cute little café-shop does a mean vegan coffee complete with delicious treats.  

  4. Geek Retreat: Where ‘Geek Culture’ rules! A gaming café, events space, collectables shop and community hub, come in for a milkshake and stay for a game of Pokémon.

  5. GemPort Jewellery: Feel a proposal coming on? Head to GemPort for a beautiful selection of diamonds and high end jewels.


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top restaurants 

  1. Restaurant Folium: This is fine dining done right. Fresh local British ingredients and simple dishes bursting with flavour, you can’t go wrong with a date night here.  

  2. Damascena: Middle-Eastern dishes with big personalities. This place is easy on the wallet and has some great vegan and veggie options.

  3. Tacos Tierra: Delicious homemade tacos and small plates washed down with margaritas. Ideal for groups!  

  4. 1000 Trades: A foodie utopia of pop-up restaurants, events, craft beer, natural wine and cocktails. Expect an everchanging menu spanning cuisines of the world.

  5. The Wilderness: This is food like you’ve never tasted before. One of Birmingham, nay the UK’s, most creative and exciting restaurants, chef Alex Claridge offers an incredible multi-course meal to a rock’n’roll soundtrack.  


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top bars

  1. 40 St. Pauls: The perfect G&T every time… This hidden gin bar boasts 140 different gins, along with an array of tonics and garnishes to make a truly personal drink. It’s intimate and cosy so book early to get a table.   

  2. Grain and Glass: If your poison of choice is whiskey, then look no further. Order a tasting tray to try some of the more unusual whiskeys on offer.

  3. Arch 13 at Connollys: Wine connoisseurs should head directly to this family owned wine bar to sup on delicious vintages paired with meats and cheese.  

  4. The Jeweller’s Arms: If it’s an old fashioned boozer that takes your fancy then head to this classic pub for a pint and a natter. The outdoor seating is a lovely place to watch the world go by over a cold one.

  5. Ana Rocha Bar & Gallery: Feeling fancy? This is a little slice of Mediterranean sophistication in the heart of Birmingham. Half bar, half art gallery, sip a cocktail while you muse over fine art and antiques.


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top culture 

  1. Museum of the Jewellery Quarter: Learn all about the history of the Jewellery Quarter (spoiler: jewellery-making features heavily).  

  2. The Pen Museum: You guessed it, this museum is all about the humble pen. Learn calligraphy, try to write with a quill and ink, and even make your own pen nib using 19th century machinery.

  3. Coffin Works: A restored factory where you can step back in time and get under the skin of some historic coffin furniture. Grimly fascinating stuff for all the family.  

  4. The Jam House: Where the real fun begins! Head to this eclectic event space for music, comedy, theatre and all manner of fun and chaos. Enjoy a show with dinner on the balcony.

  5. RBSA Gallery: The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists is a gallery with a difference. This artists’ run charity supports fellow artists, showcasing a range of their work through exhibitions and events.


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