Waste Management

Publish date: Wed 02 Feb, 2022

‘We aspire to be a role model in reducing, reusing and recycling waste and to push the hospitality sector towards sustainable waste management practices.’

Our 2022 goals:

  • Engaging with our customers to ensure we understand and provide for their needs while minimising the associated waste. 
  • Measuring, tracking and reporting all of the waste and recycling resulting from the operation of Staycity’s portfolio of aparthotels, including the associated greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Ensuring 100% of properties offer on-premises waste sorting so that all recyclable materials may be recycled.
  • Tracking all single-use plastics used across the portfolio, identifying alternatives, and replacing 95% in ongoing operations by 2023, with plans to address the remainder by 2024.
  • Engaging with suppliers to understand their sustainability performance and certifications, and to understand how we can work together to reduce the waste they produce which is associated with serving us. 
  • We are presently conducting a trial to improve our existing procedures in waste management in one of the first properties we opened in UK. We are re-designing the bins in the guest rooms allowing segregation of food waste, recycling and general waste. In close collaboration with our waste operator, we are monitoring the waste collection rate to have a clear vision of how the trial is proceeding and how we can implement the lessons learnt to our entire property portfolio. 


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