Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Publish date: Wed 02 Feb, 2022

‘We aim to play a leading role in the industry’s environmental progress by minimising our greenhouse gas emissions and working towards carbon neutrality.’

Our 2022 achievements:

  • We completed our 2021 carbon footprint and are now working on our 2022 footprint. Our Carbon Footprint for 2021 estimates the carbon emissions produced during operations in a covid year, and therefore not fully representative of a year with normal occupancy. However, it gave us the opportunity to set up the process to collect data to calculate our carbon footprint moving forward. This means that we are now tracking and reporting the emissions we are directly responsible for e.g. through the operation of our buildings, as well as the emissions we are indirectly responsible for e.g. through the buildings which are built for us, and the goods and services we purchase from others. 
  • We reviewed our Technical Requirement Document to include a new set of technical specifications for the buildings that we are leasing in the coming years. The new properties will use heat pumps instead of fossil fuel heating technologies and operate with high energy efficiency standards, reducing our energy consumption. The new buildings will also be required to disclose their whole life carbon assessment, depicting a true picture of the structure’s carbon impact on the environment.


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