Consider taking black cabs, pre-booked taxi or Uber home after a night out. London Underground and London Bus should be suitable to bring you around the city during the day. 

Car: If you’re planning on driving around London there are a few things you need to remember: all cars drive on the left, public transport is often faster depending on where you want to go and lastly, charges may apply with the congestion charge scheme. The congestion charge applies to most vehicles who are driving in central London during the week so make sure you check online before you travel. 

Taxi: The iconic black cabs that are so synonymous with London are very much still in action, so you’ll be free to flag one down pretty easily. If you’re outside of the city centre there will be a number of taxi companies locally to choose from and of course, Uber is a popular choice for many. 

Bus: Hop on a big red bus to get you where you need to go; they’re a quick, convenient and cheap way to travel around the city, with plenty of sightseeing opportunities along the way. Remember, You can’t pay bus fares with cash anymore so you must use an Oyster card or contactless payment. 

London Underground: Getting to grips with the London tube system is easy: simply grab a tube map and away you go! Make sure you have an Oyster card handy and check out your route on the colour-coded tube lines. With the underground reaching most corners of London, it will be easy to navigate your trip from below the city’s surface level