• We have enhanced our cleaning procedure and continue to use the chemical Suma Bac D10 which is proven to be effective against the coronavirus.  This disinfectant product is suitable for use on hard surfaces and on food preparation areas.   
  • We also have very effective electrostatic cleaning technology in place for use in our public areas or as and when required in our rooms.  
  • We have increased our cleaning times whilst focusing primarily on hi-touch areas such as handles, window latches, toilet flush, electrical sockets etc.   
  • We have placed a ‘Just Sanitized’ tag on certain items after they have been disinfected – the TV remote control, iron and hair dryer. 
  • In addition, a room seal will the placed on your apartment door which shows when the room was cleaned and guarantees that no-one else has entered the room since.  Furthermore, no staff access is required during your stay.
  • Washing up liquid, a sponge,  disposable cloth, tea towel/s and dustpan and brush are provided.  Mops, and floor brushes  (if not already provided in your apartment) are available upon request, just contact reception.  Bin bags and bathroom bag sacks are provided in your apartment.   
  • If your stay is for 7+ nights, these items will be replenished and included in your cleaning pack on Day 7. 
  • Dishwashers are available within the apartment with wash cycles up to 70 degrees to ensure that all kitchen ware is fully sanitized. 
  • Should you need to dispose of your rubbish before departure, leave it outside your door between 9am-12pm for safe collection. Please ensure the rubbish is double-bagged and there are no leaks to avoid spillages on the corridor floor.


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