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28 Liverpool Sayings You Simply Must Know in the City

I remember watching the Beatles‘ “A Hard Days Night” for the first time. It was great but also, scary in a way. I listened to them speaking and often couldn’t understand a word. Their accent, what they spoke and how they did it were so unreal to me at the time. John was hard to understand but it was almost impossible to get a grasp of what Ringo was saying.

Naturally they all spoke with their Liverpudlian accent and often used typical scouse sayings. We all do that in our cities. Everywhere you go you will hear a local accent and tons of sayings that an outsider will never understand.

The thing is though, in a city like Liverpool, with it’s amazing nightlife and party atmosphere, not knowing what people around you are saying might be hard. So, with that in mind I have prepared a list of some of the most common scouse sayings that you simply must know if you are coming to the city.


Scouse Words (Used Almost Everywhere)

  • bins glasses, spectacles
  • buzzes the Police 
  • bevy drink (alcoholic)
  • bevvied drunk
  • Alright laa hello
  • deadbeat person of no use at a particular task
  • divvy stupid person
  • Do one Go away
  • in bulk laughing fit to burst
  • Jesus boots sandals
  • nomark someone of little importance
  • ossy hospital
  • sagging playing truant
  • shoot / get off leave, go somewhere else
  • slummy coins that have collected in your pocket and you want to get rid of
  • th’savvy this afternoon
  • twirlies bus-pass holders
  • laters bye
  • wozzer wasp
  • Ma Mum
  • Old Fella/ Old Man Dad

Scouse Phrases You Simply Must Know

  • getting a cob on getting angry
  • going to town going to the city center
  • over the water The Wirral
  • That’s when Jesus Christ was playing full back for Israel That was a long time ago
  • You are having a giraffe you must be joking
  • On you bill on your own
  • Billy no mates loner

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